Thursday, July 4, 2013

Still Here, but Busy with Grand-kids!

Just letting those of you who are faithful followers to me that I am still here but my grand-kids are staying for a week and I can't get into my craft room to do any cards or just about anything. Next week I will be back in the swing when my life settles down a little! Thanks for visiting, see you soon!

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Mary H. said...

Hi Shari, trying to visit some blogs while I'm away from home. Totally understand about your grands, and they are definitely a priority. Enjoy them while they still want to spend time with you. You can craft when they discover friends, and don't have as much time for you. (It comes to us all). Life always takes priority over crafting, and I'll try to get back to visit soon. Will be checking your bloglovin as a follower, and hope you will find time to bloglov at my blog too. Enjoy yourself. Hugs