Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Witches Treat Hat Tutorial

Hi again, I hope you are here for my tutorial! I made a Witches Hat with Treats for the Twisted Tuesday challenge and here are the instructions. I took some pictures while making it so I am posting those with measurements and directions.
First of all decide how big/high you want your hat. I wanted mine little so I started with a circle of 9 1/2".  This tutorial is using an 8" circle so the hat will be slightly smaller but not much. This 8" circle will make a hat that stands 4" high. (My hat stands 4 and 3/4" high) I suggest filling it with some small candies in a cellophane bag. (like M&M's)
Start with your circle:

Take your circle of whatever paper you are using and cut it in half. The height of your hat is the measurement of half the circle diameter--in this example, as you can see, it is 4".

Fold your paper into a cone.

The bottom edges should look like this picture below. Stick your cone sides together when you have it just right. Use a strong tape, I used double sided sticky tape from Stampin' Up!

Next you will measure the bottom circumference of your hat. As you can see this one is about two inches wide. I will now make a base that is about 1/2" bigger on each side which makes my base measurement a 3" circle.

Next I will cut some strips of paper for my ruffled hat edge and use a scallop punch to give the edge a decoration. I cut my strips 1 and 1/4" wide. You will have to decide how wide to cut yours to make it look right.

After I cut two strips, I accordion folded them and stuck them together to form a circle.

Now I have my cone shape, my folded strips, (I only used about 1 and 1/2 of the strips, make yours as desired) and my base circle.

As you can see below-I hope you can see this okay,  I then put double stick tape around the edges of the base so I can stick down my folded strip. The cone shape is just sitting there and never stuck down. I found that the folded strips hold it in place. I stuck the folded strips down around this cone shape so it would sit right and the strips would be equal around it.

After sticking the folded strip down I decorated the hat and filled it with candy.

Thanks for visiting! If you have any questions just leave a comment and I will get back to you.
I would also love to see your creations if you make this. Please leave a link in your comment.

Happy Halloween!!



Laurie Zoellmer said...

Hey Shari! Your hat it adorable!!! Hope all is well with you ;)

butterfly said...

Fantastic project - what a brilliant idea, and carried out to perfection. Thanks so much for the tutorial, too - great inspiration!
Alison x